About Residential Lithium storage batteries

Lithium batteries have become the mainstream choice in household /residential energy storage projects, the reason is development of lithium-ion battery technology and the rapid decline of cost, and the market share of newly added chemical batteries has reached more than 95%.  Lithium iron phosphate battery became a priority choice for residential battery storage systems.

cycle life compared with other type lithium batteries, in additional, it has no memory effect. This is critical for solar power energy storage system. Because solar pv generator is not stable when it charging the batteries. In this way, residential battery storage owner no longer being limited to using only half of the stored power in a battery effectively doubles their capacity. Battery system can be charged anytime, no matter how much current the invertor and PV generated

Different from lead acid battery. The LiFePo4 battery storage system required a BMS. And it is smartly controlling the battery cells inside for charging and discharging. All is managed and monitor by the BMS. The BMS will communicate with invertor directly to make sure the completely system works consistent in a best condition. OSM residential battery storage systems come with communication functions. This will tell the solar controller or invertor when to charge, when stop to discharge. All battery state and information are monitor in real-time. This is very important when using battery systems with solar arrays PV system, because the inverters in a solar array system require power to begin making power, regardless of whether they are tied to the grid or not.

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